Today on Vet Life Reimagined, host, Megan Sprinkle, DVM talks to guest, Phil Richmond, DVM about his veterinary career journey and his journey through burnout and substance abuse. We discuss how to identify and help ourselves and others through burnout and how to overcome the stigma around substance abuse.

Phil Richmond on LinkedIn
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Phil Richmond's website for Flourishing Phoenix Veterinary Consultants LLC

About the Guest:
Phil is a practicing vet and the founder, chief consultant of Flourishing Phoenix Veterinary Consultants, LLC. He advocates for positive culture and individual, team, and organizational psychological health, safety, and wellbeing in veterinary workplaces. 

Dr. Richmond leads and is involved in state, national, and international projects for advancing workplace wellbeing and culture in veterinary medicine. He has served as Chief Medical and Wellbeing Officer for Veterinary United. He is the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s Professional Wellbeing Committee Chair. He is also a member/advisor for several national committees and boards for workplace suicide prevention, psychological health & safety, and veterinary wellbeing, including those sponsored by the CDC/NIOSH, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Veterinary Hope Foundation, Veterinary Visionaries, MentorVet, and Appalachian State University.
Dr. Richmond is a speaker and published writer, a frequent veterinary podcast guest, and holds multiple certifications in applied positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, workplace wellbeing, psychological health & safety, trauma-informed workplaces, resilience training, behavior change, and suicide prevention. He was awarded the FVMA Gold Star for service in 2019, FVMA Veterinarian of the Year in 2021, and the Uncharted Veterinary Community Founder’s Award in 2023.

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