This month’s pick was 2020’s Goodreads Romance Choice Award Winner, Titled: From Blood and Ash, written by NY times bestselling author - Jennifer L Armentrout. 

This is a story of a shelter maiden name poppy, who has grown up knowing and experiencing very little. After a tragedy befalls her at a young age in which her parents are killed leaving her both physically and emotionally scared. (Basically, her batman origin story) We learn that even though it’s not allowed, she secretly learns to fight and defend herself and occasionally breaks the rules in order to experience, just, a little taste of normal life. But after a run in with a handsome and mysterious guard, she finds out that there’s allot more going on than what she’s been taught all her life. Does she fight, for what she’s been told is right? or will she leave everything she’s ever known and loved behind, to find out what truth lies in the shadows.