This season on Schmooze With Suze we are embarking on a tour of icons here in Northeast Florida. What makes here the place and now the time? 
Well, let’s start with what is an icon?

An icon is a person or a thing widely admired especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sphere. Do we need icons? 
And that is what we are going to tackle today…

Name dropping is a thing where I’m from. Who saw who at what spot? How one got a hookup for reservations or tickets to a show… 

But my new city is more substantive, news dropping is the thing here. And for my daily dose of catch up, it's the smooth stylings and medley of musings by the incomparable Melissa Ross that I 'sippa cup' to, to stay in the know.

First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross is an hour-long call-in program that features local newsmakers, civic and community leaders, artists and people planning a variety of events across Northeast Florida. WJCT’s First Coast Connect With Melissa Ross has received multiple national awards from Public Radio News Directors Inc. for best call-in program. You can listen on weekdays LIVE at 9 a.m.; Rebroadcast at 8 p.m. on 89.9FM and online at 

In addition to hosting First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, she also co-hosts the weekly Florida Roundup, which airs Fridays on NPR stations across the state. 

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