You may wonder when it is that I honed in on my smartass skills as a superpower for good- and not evil…? Back in the 1990s, my hometown of New York City was a real life landscape of the bleak and the boom. The dawn of the decade followed twenty years of continuous decay and 1990 brought an all-time record high in violent crime. Concurrently, the Wall Street boom invigorated the economy… while Hundreds of thousands of immigrants were flooding into the boroughs to join the overcrowded lines of needs-based services.

The fashions, fads and even the films of the 90s are making a comeback, but how are we handling the needs, like homelessness, that never left…. and that is what we are going to tackle today. 

My guest, Dr. Colleen Bell, Medical Director of Sulzbacher Center, is a trust builder, who is working on cracking the code of care to one of the most misunderstood groups we are challenged with as a society by building connection- the Homeless Mental Health Cycle.

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