Rise and shine!
It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful day.
Be happy. Be kind. Always do your best.
Think good and it will be good.
I sprinkle positive messages to my kids and myself throughout the day.
Why? Because studies show that we grow, flourish and thrive when that is our environment.   Alternatively, the effects of negativity- in environment, language and attitude can be permanently detrimental.
It is not always easy to find the rainbows between the raindrops… So what if you are presented with an umbrella to shield you from the storms so you can spot the beauty more clearly? And that is what we are going to tackle today…

Northeast Florida's nonprofits are an engine that builds a more vibrant and inclusive community! We all work towards making this a better place to live for everyone, Believe in the Good  is a campaign for our region’s nonprofits to use as they build community support, recruit volunteers, attract new supporters and highlight the good that happens when people become part of the nonprofit community. 

But honestly... Like, what IS a nonprofit? And why do they want my time, talent AND treasure? 

My guest is Deirdre Conner, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Evaluation of the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida.

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