Upon entering the main sanctuary of every synagogue that I have ever been in, I recall seeing the following verse embroidered, inscribed or emblazoned above the arc, ‏דע לפני מי אתה עומד-  Know before whom you stand.

In comedy circles we say, know your audience.

When I am out with my husband in a group, I sometimes see that look in his eyes and nudge him before he tells that joke I know he is about to tell, to “read the room,” knowing this group won’t get it.

Each of these clichés seem rather obvious, and when we think about ourselves- we imagine our communication style will always be met with positivity.

But, in this fast paced world where we engage with so many different people on so many different platforms, what happens when we feel ourselves losing the room, losing our cool or our composure? How can we tap into all of our tools to effectively engage, enlighten, and inspire? 
And that is what we are going to tackle today...

My guest today is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and the CEO and Founder of Smarter Emotions- Balancing Head and Heart, Dr. Patricia Baxter. You can find out more at www.drpatbaxter.com.

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