Have you ever had trouble finding where you fit in? Or maybe found it difficult to be yourself? I have and so has our guest today. Our guest is Dr. Bill Tancredi. We met at VMX this year as we were both invited to a small dinner that Instinct Science put together. And we’ve become really good friends. If you know of Bill’s writing in his SubStack called Doc’s FIRE, you may find him a little ... direct in his writing style.  But Bill and I get along so well because we love to learn, love the veterinary profession, and both strive to do things that matter in this world. 

No matter the challenges we face including people who disagree with us or finding a place where we fit in, when you find the thing worth fighting for, you find your purpose. Now, Bill owns a solo doctor practice, which also won a NAVC Vetty award last year, which he shares how they achieved. In this episode, we talk about finding your authentic self and how there’s no such thing as a one-fits-all leadership style. 


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