Travis Koch, or SUE as we fondly know him, embodies the spirit of adventure that every aviator aspires to. Pour yourself a glass and join us for a journey that navigates through Travis's roots, his unexpected plunge into aviation, and the bonds of loyalty and trust he's forged along the way. Tales of military flight school and the colorful mosaic of personalities that shaped him as a pilot complement his story, offering a raw look into the culture that crafts the aviators of tomorrow.

In our flight deck conversation, we uncover the layers of growth, learning and culture within the squadron, the camaraderie that defines military service, and the mentorship that steers us through the skies of our careers. Travis and I share the gravity of our experiences, from the learning of first deployments to the wisdom gained in the second, and how a few driven souls can galvanize the spirit of an entire unit. We also delve into the art of leadership that transcends the flight deck, where inclusiveness and understanding the 'why' can inspire and elevate an entire team.

Our final vector heads towards the broader horizon, where Spitfire Elite's mission to empower diversity in aviation takes center stage. We chart how genuine empathy and cultural fit are the new altitudes of training excellence, and reflect on the profound impact of enabling economic advancement through our shared stories and endeavors. Join us as we navigate through these tales of transition and transformation, and discover how the skies we soar in aren't just about the aircraft we pilot, but the lives we uplift along the way.... And this my friends is ONLY Part 1!

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