The Collective Perspective Podcast celebrated the bicentennial of Jacksonville and Juneteenth on June 15, 2022 with a special discussion, featuring guests: Jeremy Mincey, former NFL player and producer of the upcoming film "13th and Pine", and Tatiana Yoguez, book author of "Life Outside the Game: A Sex Trafficking Testimony." The cohosts and their guests share stories and different perspectives from their personal experiences and childhoods. They discussed the following seven Race Card prompts: "How did your family and community influence your understanding of race?"; "How do you respond to people who do not speak English?"; "How does fear affect racial understanding in America?"; "What do these hashtags mean to you: #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, #alllivesmatter?"; "Do you think racism is a learned behavior? If so, can it be unlearned?"; "Do the majority of Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism or a symbol of Southern pride?"' and "When you witness someone being discriminated against or persecuted because of their race, do you intervene?" Sponsored by the, this finale episode of Season 1 was recorded in front of a live audience at the Underbelly in Jacksonville, Florida. The video version can be found on MTSJAX YouTube channel at