Ever wondered what it's like to navigate life's turbulent skies and still land your dreams? That's the flight plan for the continuation of our heart-to-heart with Travis, as we share a cockpit full of stories about the unsung heroes of mentorship, the grit needed to bounce back from life's nosedives, and the power of a supportive community. 

In this Flight Deck Discussion, we tackle the taboo of failure, discussing how each nosedive is a lesson in the making, and why asking for help might just be your jet fuel for growth. We get candid about the importance of setting goals that keep your altimeter climbing steadily, and draw on our own flight logs to illustrate how even the smallest gains can lead to major milestones. Our conversation then cruises into the world of military transitions, and the art of maintaining authenticity in a world that often pushes for uniformity.

Finally, we prepare for our final approach by discussing aviation conferences, where handshakes and business cards can unlock doors to flight decks across the industry. Travis and I share how volunteering and engaging genuinely can lead to more than just career connections—it can enrich your flying career with a sense of purpose and community. So, whether you're perfecting your pre-flight checklist or gunning for the captain's seat, remember: the right crew can make all the difference. Pour a glass, and join us as we conclude the story of a pilot named SUE.

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