Ever pondered the secrets behind crafting the perfect homebrew? Just like to drink Beer in general? Join us as Ian Dibble, a seasoned homebrewer, spills the grains on transitioning from a curious onlooker of his dad’s brewing projects to mastering the art of all-grain brewing. 

Ian is a member of the Cowford Ale Sharing Klub or better known as CASK.  CASK is the original Homebrew club of Jacksonville which started back in 2006. Members gather at local breweries on the second Saturday of each month to share their latest creations, get advice on improving their recipes and participate in judging Interklub Competitions. Towards the end of each month, members also enjoy gathering for a Pop-Up Happy Hour at some of the smaller breweries around town for a few pints after work just to socialize.  CASK is open to anyone who loves the craft of  beer, mead, and cider making and always looking to add new members. 

In our flight deck discussion this week, we talk the essentials of homebrewing, from the DIY extraction kits, to the finessed art of grain crush levels, offering an orchestra of advice for those itching to start their own homebrewing journey. As we share stories from the vats and the vaults of our brewing escapades, you'll discover how a potential brewing blunder can ferment into an unexpectedly delightful ale and why temperature control and sanitation are the unsung heroes of home brewing.  

We then enter our cruise altitude where we discuss our likes and dislikes of brews,  some notable varieties as well as some of or favorite brew pubs in the local area! 

But the episode doesn’t stop there! As we prepare for our approach we pop open a few bottles of award winning brews that Ian brought for a tasting! Including a bottle of homemade mead named Viking Blood! 

For our final approach, our conversation turns to the allure of seasonal drinking, and the camaraderie found in local homebrew clubs like CASK. It's not just about the how-to; it's an engraved invitation to a community passionate about the creation and conviviality of exceptional drinks. So whether you're a craft beer aficionado or a homebrew hopeful, join us for an episode steeped in the rich tapestry of brewing culture that just might inspire you to concoct your next homemade masterpiece. Cheers to that!

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