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Do you like beer? (Of course you do).  Ever wanted to learn to brew beer? Or Maybe step your brew game up?     This is the episode for you!

We talk with local home brewer and member of CASK Ian Dibble on his journey of brewing, winning awards, how to get into home brewing and even have a tasting!  

Crack open a can or pour a glass and get ready for some fun!

Imagine your closet transforming into a makeshift brewery, where the scent of chocolate and alcohol signals a brewing blunder, or better yet, picture a DIY kegerator that's more 'redneck innovation' than high-tech appliance, keeping beer chilled for an astonishing two weeks. These stories, shared with a wink and a clink, are just the foam topping our hop-filled episode. Our guest's anecdotes highlight the art of homebrewing, complete with its challenges and triumphs, all delivered with the comradery that defines the homebrewing community. So, whether you're a seasoned zymurgist or just someone who appreciates a good brew, this episode is a barrel of laughs and learning you won't want to miss.

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