Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Like at the core - have you ever wondered why you feel totally at ease in certain situations and completely overwhelmed in others?

If you have, then you’re not alone! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been on a self discovery journey for the past year and I loooooove personality tests, BUT it wasn’t until I was introduced to Human Design that I truly became self-aware.

Human Design is a concept and system much like astrological birth charts and is based on your exact time, date, and place of birth.  Your Human Design also identifies your dominant chakras to create your personal body graph and is basically an energetic blueprint of YOU. Human Design is essentially a mix of Kabbalah, I'Ching, Myers-Briggs, astrology, biochemistry, genetics and the chakra system all in one!

On this episode, I dive deep with expert Megan Seamans Johnston on all things Human Design types, authorities, and charts! We get into the why, the impact and how you can look up your chart for oodles of clarity and self reflection.

This two part episode is filled with so many nuggets! For this week’s prompt, I invite you to check out all the links for deets and super cool info into your chart!

Discover Your Human Design Chart Here:www.meganseamans.com/hd-chart 

Human Design Toolkit Freebie from Megan:https://www.meganseamans.com/purposebydesign 

 Connect with Megan:IG: www.instagram.com/meganseamansSite: www.meganseamans.com 

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