Join me on my first SOLO flight this episode as I guide you through the soothing waves of Yacht Rock, sharing tales of my own life's journey alongside the genre's mellow tunes. This episode isn't just a musical expedition; it's a personal odyssey reflecting on how these jazz-tinged melodies have been my steadfast companion, from the sun-soaked shores of Southern California to quiet moments of introspection. You'll get an earful of nostalgia, a peek into my transition from the Navy to the FAA, and why Yacht Rock's velvety harmonies have been more than just a playlist – they've been a lifeline through life's peaks and troughs.

As your Xennial Aviator, I'm set to unravel the tapestry of Yacht Rock's smoothest hits, dissecting Kenny Loggins' velvety , to the Doobie Brothers' soulful anthems. We'll reminisce over Christopher Cross's "Sailing" and parse the intricate web of collaborations that tie these artists together. But it's not all serious business – I'll debunk a common genre myth and finally set the record straight on Jimmy Buffett's place in Yacht Rock history.

Before we make our approach to paradise, a shout-out to all you five-star reviewers and my call to arms: let's make this podcast the talk of the marina! If you're ready to trade in your life vest for a lei and a chilled beverage, you won't want to miss a beat of this episode. So tune in, cast off your worries, and let's find that perfect breeze to carry us into the serene harbors of Yacht Rock.

Links to my Top 5 Albums in Itunes:

5. Nightwatch

4. Christopher Cross

3. Minute By Minute

2. Gaucho

1. Rumors

Intro Music:
Track Title: The Need For Speed
Artist Name(s): Tiger Gang (

Outro Music:
Track Title: Chess
Artist Name: Phononaut (

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