Y’all - being in a creative funk is no bueno.

Do you ever just feel like you’re stuck and everything feels out of your control?

Full transparency folks … this is me right now.

I won’t be this way forever, but in this moment I’m allowing myself to lean into the frustration and dig deep into what is creating the block around my creativity.

Is it body dysmorphia? Lack and limitations? The fact that we’re approaching an eclipse? Premenstrual Syndrome? I digress…

Either way - I have some work to do and if you find yourself in the same grumpy less inspired mood then invite you to journal with me! This episode’s prompt is totally focused on reflection around your blocks and taking some time to reflect on how to ignite your creative spark.

Let’s work through this together and put the pen to paper! Feeling stuck really sucks but it doesn’t have to be our forever! Don’t forget to lmk how it’s going in the DM’s on social. I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

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