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Have you ever wondered how someone can transform immense personal trauma into a life of triumph and purpose? Our guest Bernice Loman takes us on a journey through her early struggles and the relentless faith that guided her to become a successful entrepreneur. From facing the harsh realities of poverty and walking the streets at night with her mentally ill mother, Bernice's story is a compelling testament to the power of resilience and faith.

You won't want to miss hearing about the pivotal moment that changed everything for Bernice. Frustrated with a series of unsatisfying jobs, she decided to pursue higher education and embark on a path of self-discovery. This led to the founding of Loman Creative Services, where she now blends her passion for ministry with innovative technology to serve faith communities. Her insights on balancing personal passion with professional obligations provide valuable lessons for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Finally, we dive into the realities of entrepreneurial life, shedding light on both its challenges and rewards. From the struggle of integrating technology into traditional faith settings to the joy of flexible schedules and travel opportunities, Bernice shares the wisdom she's gained along the way. This episode is a powerful reminder that faith and perseverance can create incredible opportunities, no matter where you start. Join us and be inspired by Bernice's unwavering dedication to her calling and her remarkable journey from trauma to triumph.

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