Advent calendars for dogs? Advent calendars that promote 25 different hot sauces?  Have we crossed some sort of commercial rubicon when it comes to celebrating Christmas? In this bonus episode, Lynn and Nancy share their strategies for reclaiming the season with intention and purpose. Taking their own advice, these holiday-loving BFFs recently took pen to paper to explore the different roles they play in December. An example might be "entertainer," "gift giver," and of course, "mom" and for Lynn, "Mimi." With the list of roles, next was a reality check with expectations. Lynn summarizes the experience, "I was able to be honest about my time and resources so that I can invest in those traditions and other things that set a peace-filled tone for the holidays."  There's also plenty of levity in this extended conversation. Don't miss the story about Nancy's accidental investment in Advent candles and how a certain engineer by day, spouse by night took what started as a simple gathering for making gingerbread houses out of milk cartons to an entirely new level with farm animals and stylized home accessories.   

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