In this episode, the Damsels take a turn down a dystopian world where woman are the vessels to be sacrificed while men are praised for their bravery...hmmm.  But wait, is there any romance? A possible love triangle? Or did it fail the "Dom Scale" in spice level? 

Our main character, Wu Zetian, is a tormented young woman with not much to look forward to in life besides sneak out to meet her best friend, Gao Yizhi (son of a wealthy merchant). But after the death of her older sister, Zetian decides to leave everything behind to avenge her sister's death. Her plan? Enlist in the army as a concubine and KILL the pilot who killed her. Soon, she discovers that she holds a power inside that rivals the army’s strongest pilots – a role not meant for women at all. Zetian is named the Iron Widow and is quickly swept up in the politics and corruption of the Kingdom and paired with their strongest, yet deranged pilot, Li Shimin known as the Iron Demon. It becomes a battle of wills as they both fight for dominance, but balance is the true answer which they soon find in Gao Yizhi. Can the three of them maintain balance when dark secrets are uncovered, and their world is turned upside down?