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How can we joyfully have both the career we desire and be fully present with our family? Well, our guest today has found out how it works for her. Dr. Alexandra McClaughry is a practice owner of a general practice with a clinic that is open only 4 days a week, and it’s the most profitable she’s ever been. Because client communication is such a high priority, she also worked with her husband, Stephane, who is a software engineer on creating the ideal practice management tool, VetBadger that allows her to run her business efficiently and still prioritize building great client relationships with good communication.

About the guest:
Dr. Alexandra McClaughry completed veterinary school in Dublin, Ireland in 2003. She received her certification by AVMA also in 2003. She worked in mixed animal practice, a VCA hospital for 8 years, and then became the owner of Barbur Blvd Veterinary Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Dr. McClaughry co-founded VetBadger, a veterinary practice management software that prioritizes efficiency and communication.

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