If you are close to the veterinary industry at all, you are aware of the transition of veterinary business models to veterinary consolidation. What’s going on with veterinary consolidators, and are they all the same? What about independent practices is special and needs to be preserved? What could be improved? 

To answer these questions, Vet Life Reimagined invites, Dr. Bill Wagner. Bill graduated from Tufts Veterinary School in 2016 and already early in his veterinary career has experienced quite a few different paths in veterinary medicine. He started a veterinary company called Doc Wags that makes custom pet harnesses to hold medical needs. He also is the co-founder of Associated Veterinary Partners (AVP), a very different veterinary practice consolidation model. 

In this episode,

  • What makes you unique as a veterinarian? Why would someone request YOU specifically to be their veterinarian? 
  • How some entrepreneurial endeavors do not go well and what to avoid.
  • How Associated Veterinary Partners is taking a different approach to vet practice consolidation. 


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