Recorded live at Podcast Movement 2023 in Denver!

Are you exhausted by living paycheck to paycheck and constantly worrying about your finances? What if I told you there's a simple yet powerfully effective method you can use to break free from this cycle? Welcome to this episode of Savvy Budget Girl, where I shine a spotlight on the art of zero-based budgeting. This budgeting style is perfect for beginners, empowering you to assign a job to every dollar you earn and gain a handle on your finances. I'll also delve into the secrets of combining this model with the cash envelope system.

Excited to pay off debts and start building generational wealth? Zero-based budgeting is your ticket to achieving these financial goals faster. In this episode, I walk you through the process of creating a zero-based budget that aligns with your financial aspirations. Let's take this journey together and make your money work harder for you. Remember, financial freedom is just a podcast episode away!

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