Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP (PgD) has a fascinating veterinary career. He started as a PetSmart associate. He became a veterinary assistant and then a veterinary practice owner, multiple times.  After some hard realizations, he got a Master's of applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. So, in 2018 he founded Flourish Veterinary Consulting which translates the science of human thriving to empower veterinary organizations in cultivating workplaces where professionals can thrive. He also recently worked with AAHA to publish the book Lead to Thrive: The Science of Crafting a Positive Veterinary Culture. So, now Josh is a well-known speaker, author, and veterinary culture consultant.

In this episode, we discuss
- Veterinary Practice ownership as a non-veterinarian
- The fear of failure
- Different definitions of success
- Secrets to Thriving in Vet Med
- And Much More! 

- Flourish Veterinary Consulting
- Lead to Thrive book on AAHA
- Lead to Thrive book on Amazon
- Lead to Thrive audiobook at Barnes & Noble
- Shawn Achor's book The Happiness Advantage
- Shawn Achor TED talk

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