About our guest on Vet Life Reimagined: Rob Best is a certified expert in Neuroleadership, the science-based field centered around emotional intelligence. His work focuses on increasing the emotional and psychological safety within professional environments to help attract, retain, and develop talent. 

He has been a world explorer, trekking six of the seven continents and is the CEO of a global nonprofit supporting teenage entrepreneurs in over 30 countries. 

Rob holds two bachelor's degrees: Bussiness and Organizational Communication. He earned his CVvPM and is a licensed expert in body language, statement analysis, and deception detection. Rob has worked in the veterinary field for over 15 years and is here to share his knowledge and experience with us including practical tips you can start using today. 

In this episode:

  • Your intentions are connected to your body language: be congruent and authentic
  • Two elements of EQ are self-awareness & self-regulation
  • Right to fight; left to love
  • Impact at work no matter your level of veterinary leadership
  • Surprising information about feedback

Rob's website Bestleadership
Rob on LinkedIn
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Book Recommendations Related to Today’s Conversation:

·       “You Say More than You Think” - Janine Drive

·       "Honest Answers" - Lena Sisco

·       “Emotional Intelligence” - Daniel Goleman

·       “Nonviolent Communication” - Marshall Rosenberg

·       "Radical Collaboration” - Jim Tamm & Ronald Luyet

·       “Dare to Lead” – Brene Brown

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