How can veterinary medicine use technology to improve efficiency, patient safety, and team confidence?

This was the mission of Dr. Caleb Frankel, veterinarian and Founder & CEO of Instinct Science, an organization with the mission of improving the modern veterinary team experience through better technology and systems. Instinct’s practice software platforms power many veterinary practices by incorporating true workflow improvement, decision support, patient safety tools, and charge capture automation. Instinct and Caleb have been in the news a lot recently because of Instinct’s recent acquisition of Vetmedux the creator of Plumb’s and Clinician’s Brief. 

 Dr. Caleb has spent his clinical time in specialty and emergency hospitals including a very large multi-doctor practice in Florida. 

In this episode, we will discuss 

  • the journey of creating Instinct
  • how the acquisition of Vetmedux might not be as surprising as you think, 
  • how to avoid burnout even as an emergency doctor, 
  • what is exciting for the future of veterinary medicine, 
  • and much more

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