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Welcome to The What's Real In Business Podcast with host Justin Bullock!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business operator seeking educational, motivational, and entertaining information about how to most effectively grow both personally and professionally?

Join real estate entrepreneur, author, and business coach Justin Bullock as he interviews other business professionals in a variety of industries in order to highlight their journeys, mindsets, challenges, successes, routines, and their provided services.

If you want to understand the most fundamental principles for your developmental success, What's Real In Business is the channel for you.

Jeffrey J. Meredith, Jr. started his professional career in property management at the age of eighteen. 

After starting in that space of real estate, he progressed into working as a Realtor helping others buy, sell, and invest, and then began investing himself.

He also owns a pressure washing business and uses it to help customers add value to their homes and investments. 

Outside of business, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, their daughter, their dog Skully, and his family and friends. He also likes to workout at the gym, play sports and board games, go fishing, and be outdoors.

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