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Jade Robinson is an entrepreneur with her business headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida. During her time in Jacksonville, she served non-profits and later found her niche in event planning. She established her first business J.R. Events in January 2015 while working her "day job". She continued to later establish her second co-owned business, All About You Staffing, founded in 2018. 

After over 14 years in the corporate world, Jade decided to embark on her entrepreneurial journey full-time in April of 2019, and she resigned from her corporate job with Merrill Lynch after working there for 13 years. Shortly after leaving, she was nominated as a Professional Business Woman of the Year Award in Oct 2019 by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce's Professional Women’s Council for her work with Clara White Mission's vocational training program to help elevate young minds and provide first job opportunities to those who have been dealing with financial hardships. 

Just 11 months into working full-time in her business, the world shut down in March 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic. With her two businesses later returning to a thriving status in 2021, she has also discovered a passion for sharing her story about pivoting during the pandemic and how she was able to retain her clientele and maintain her employee retention. 

When she is not running businesses, managing employees, and public speaking, she enjoys having game nights with friends, and participating in boxing training to help relieve stress.

(Note: The 2 books Jade mentioned in the episode are Discovering the Soul of Service: The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success by Leonard L. Berry & Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors, Second Edition (Perfect Phrases Series) by Meryl Runion.)

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