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Nick Griffith is the Founder and Operator of Second Chance Disc Designs out of Jacksonville, Florida. He is an avid disc golfer, having played for almost 20 years. Between his love for disc golf and his love for art, his business is a combination of both.

With the times being exciting for the sport of disc golf since it has recently been growing exponentially, Nick only aspires and hopes to add to the success of the sport.

In January 2021, his youngest daughter was born with a very rare condition. She spent her first night in the world away from her mother, and the following weeks spent in the NICU. There, she was cared for by a great team of doctors and nurses and, much to everyone's amazement, she fought through it and with routine monitoring, today she is thriving!

Due to the unknowns after her delivery, Nick and his wife made a difficult decision for one of them to leave the workforce to care for their daughter. Since Nick’s wife was a hospital employee and all of this occurred during the pandemic, Nick decided to leave his job to become a stay at home dad, a choice that led to the creation of Second Chance Disc Designs!

Nick is excited to see new and used dyed discs on the course. He sells new discs and his passion is giving used plastic a purpose again.

He continues to help grow this sport by contributing to many fundraising and charity events. He has also sponsored their first junior player. Trinity Bryant (@TrinityBryantDiscgolf) is an amazing up and coming junior and she finished in 4th place at the 2022 Junior World Championships.

When he is not working or playing disc golf, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife, his daughters, and watching Notre Dame Football.

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