Have you ever heard the term “safe word?” 

While YOU may be thinking 50 shades of grey, I’M talking 50 shades of red.

As the primary caregiver to my children, their evolving emotional, physical and mental needs are becoming more and more… consuming to me. 

Their booboos are no longer cuts and scrapes, rather a myriad of moments that are shaping their formative years. Those newly emerging personalities and emotions that I am teaching to self-regulate- all while trying not to crush their tiny little spirits- is challenging on its best day.

Their homework requires patience- from both of us. I am constantly answering questions that I think to myself, “aren’t they too young to know this?” 

And by the end of the day the disarray, disagreements, and the disdain over my husband and kids “she’s yelling again" faces has me seeing red. 

Probably 50 shades of it. 

The fact is, my spouse, the primary breadwinner, has his own set of concerns that consume him- and they are equally important. It is what HE does, with God’s blessing, that enables us to have this wonderful life.

But why are they always walking past him to shout “mom!” when they need something? And when did “mom” the noun become an action verb synonymous with “parenting?” 

And that is what we are gonna tackle today….

My guests today are two friends, who turned into moms, then turned into unexpected entrepreneurs. And like the moms they seek to serve, they both faced many common challenges related to the healthcare, workforce and societal systems in place that make today's standards for parents nearly impossible. 

Their products are genius yet simple, personal yet universal, premium-quality yet budget-conscious, and always non-toxic- just as they themselves are!

They are thought-leaders in maternal well-being who cultivate confidence in motherhood- Megan Mangiarcino and Natalie McBride, Co-Founders of Baby Boldly. 

You can find out more at www.babyboldly.com and on instagram @babyboldly.

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