In Part 2 of my conversation with John R. Miles, CEO and founder of PassionStruck®, we discuss the essential steps for personal and professional transformation. John provides insights into becoming a mission angler, the importance of brand reinvention, and how to effectively manage the invisible influences in your life. Discover how setting boundaries and dealing with the 'human mosquitoes' can pave the way for a life of fulfillment and success.



  • 00:00: Introduction to the second part of our conversation with John R. Miles
  • 01:35: Introducing the concept of 'human mosquitoes' and how to handle them
  • 05:15: The three types of 'mosquitoes': The Bloodsucker, The Invisible Suffocator, and The PETA
  • 05:20: Real-life examples of overcoming invisible influences, featuring Oprah's transformative journey
  • 10:30: The Anxiety Optimizer: Finding a balance between fear and indifference for peak performance
  • 20:30: The importance of personal branding in today's job market and career progression
  • 23:00: John's invitation to take the PassionStruck® quiz to determine your current state in the passion-struck journey


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Embracing your mission and purpose to navigate life's journey
  • The importance of constantly adapting and evolving your personal and professional identity
  • Human Mosquitoes - Identifying and dealing with people who hinder your growth
  • How to leverage anxiety to achieve a state of optimal performance
  • The importance of building and maintaining a strong personal brand to enhance career opportunities
  • The journey toward a Passion-Struck life you will love

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