Have you ever said to yourself, "this year is going to be different", and just set some goals, but then nothing happens and the next year rolls around? This year doesn't have to be the same. You CAN create your goals with clarity and vision and put in a plan in place to achieve them. Pull out your notepad and get ready to put together your vision for your future as Kathy walks you through powerful goal setting prompts that she used herself to achieve her mega goals. Here's a preview of this episode 1. Principles of goal setting to help you set and achieve your goals more effectively (Including some most people don't think about) 2. The strategy of the "Musts haves". 3. One of my keys to success using something I call a "non-negotiable". 4. The backbone of all goals 5. The power of be able to see the future....yes you can do this too. Are you ready to have clarity, stick with your goals and achieve them? Get Your Best Year Starts Today Blueprint Here Connect with Kathy The Professional Rule Breaker LinkedIn Instagram Ready to ignite and grow your sales? Visit https://www.theprofessionalrulebreaker.com Please leave us a 5-star review if you liked the episode here! ⭐️ Check the episode blog: • theprofessionalrulebreaker.com/blog/EP33 Thank you for listening, see you in the next episode! ~ 💕Kathy Walterhouse ~