Have you ever fantasized about owning an already established money-making small business? Who wouldn't want to be the boss and rake in the profits, right? But hold up, before you go all "show me the money," let's talk about how you can secure that much-needed funding through the Small Business Administration (SBA). It might sound like a maze, but fear not, my friend!


Guess what? Today's episode is bringing in none other than Deb Curtis, a true champion in snagging those SBA-backed loans! If you've ever wondered how the Small Business Administration can swoop in to save the day and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality, you're in for a treat, my friend!


Okay, let's be real – banking and loans can be as exciting as watching paint dry, right? But Deb got your back! She'll break down all the banking mumbo-jumbo into bite-sized pieces. So get ready to demystify the financing game and leap into small business ownership.


If you're itching to get your hands on that perfect small business, Deb spills the beans on how to find the right business, sweet-talk potential sellers, and, most importantly, lock in those coveted SBA-backed loans. 


But that's not all; Deb will unveil the truth behind common SBA loan myths and how the Small Business Administration can be your ally in business acquisition, even without traditional collateral.


Transitioning into your first year as a business owner can be challenging, but Deb has the insights you need to navigate this critical period successfully. Learn how banks can provide additional working capital and avoid the common mistakes new business owners often make.


Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself in the world of small business financing. Join us in this engaging conversation with Deb Curtis, and get ready to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship armed with knowledge, insight, and inspiration!


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