In today's episode of #TheProfessionalRuleBreaker, I have a heart-to-heart with the inspiring Traci Jeske. Beyond just a style guru, Traci is a catalyst for transformation, guiding women to rediscover their zest for life after 40. Have you ever felt like your life is a closet full of outdated pieces? Traci shares her wisdom on breaking free from the past's emotional wardrobe, showing us it's about much more than clothes. It's about transformation - a journey to redefine ourselves, irrespective of age, size, or societal expectations. We dive into how personal transformation can be sparked by changes in our style, using the tools of color, accessories, and wardrobe reinvention. But at its core, Traci's message is about embracing change, finding courage, and boldly stepping into our most authentic selves. Join us for an episode filled with empowering stories and insights. It's a call to action for all women seeking to rewrite their story after 40. Tune in, be inspired, and remember, dare to be different!


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