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‘’When was the last time you did something for the first time?’’  

My amazing friend, Deborah Draves Legg is the ultimate adventurer – she's done things most of us only dream about. From being a transformational coach to an equine practitioner, an author, and even working on a screenplay – she’s done it all! 

We discuss her incredible journey from being a nurse to moving to Costa Rica and opening a retreat center. And let me tell you, her story is wild! Deborah shares how she went from a casual bucket list item to making life-changing moves with her husband, Steve. Deborah’s story is all about taking risks, embracing change, and living life to the fullest. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!



  • 00:30: Meet Deborah Draves Legg, adventurer and transformational coach
  • 01:30: The Costa Rica adventure
  • 01:45: From nursing to retreat center owner
  • 02:25: The power of lists and big decisions
  • 05:55: Creating a transformational resort in Costa Rica
  • 08:30: Facing fears and embracing adventure
  • 10:30: The connection between horses and human growth
  • 17:30: Overcoming fear and vulnerability
  • 22:00: Encouragement to pursue dreams
  • 26:00: Retreat center opening day: a rollercoaster of emotions
  • 29:30: Adapting and learning from failure
  • 32:45: New beginnings: life after the resort


Key Topics Discussed:

  • The power of creating lists and visualizing your dreams
  • The importance of overcoming fears and embracing vulnerability
  • The transformative power of nature and horses
  • Why it’s never too late to chase your dreams
  • How to live a life as a daring adventure


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