Hey Beach Lovers, was there ever a time when you were just sailing through life and career – you’ve mapped out your course, and have it all figured out - everything is “beachy.”  It wasn’t always easy- you had to work hard - and there was some stress, but, you’re an “achiever” – you’re used to some rough surf. You can handle it. 

Then. . .a series of waves come along that knock you off course – each one taking you a little farther away from where you thought you’d be.

Until, out of the depths of life’s ocean, the BIG ONE hits and it’s one of those waves that completely pulls you under and then washes you up on the shore. You can’t even think straight, your map is gone, and  your body and your brain hurts - I mean, really hurts.

What do you do then? 

In this episode, you’ll get to hear my guest, Jenn Shepherd, tell her story – of facing that giant wave, and having to make a complete life pivot: guided by her intuition, the principles of yoga and, of course, the healing power of the Beach.  

So, let’s settle into our beach chairs, bask in the warm sun and ocean breeze and listen as Jenn tells us her tale about leadership, intuition, travel, yoga, waterfalls and. . .
I’ll let her tell the rest. It's pretty inspiring!

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