In this episode, I invite Ramona back to the show to tell her side of the story - how I met my Soulmate, quit my 9 to 5, and moved to the beach - because she witnessed it all!

If you haven’t already, you might want to listen to episode 35, where I tell my whole story, and how Ramona magically appeared in my life - not as my "fairy godmother," but she did have some "magic" up her sleeve. 

Even if this is your first time listening to the podcast, I think you’ll resonate with what Ramona has to say about:

  • Having a clear vision - your Authentic Life Journey
  • Staying in alignment
  • Thinking “beyond the box”
  • Letting go to create a life that you want  

Also, listen to the end to find out why I call her the mermaid dolphin whisperer!

I hope you enjoy this "magical" conversation with my “Not a Fairy Godmother” coach and dear friend Ramona!

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