Hey, Beach Lovers! You know when you meet somebody, and there’s something about their energy and excitement for life - you just want to know more? 

Well, that’s my guest Elikqitie - the host of Travel Gluten Free podcast. I met her at
PodfestExpo in Orlando. We were sitting in on a session about how to use Canva for our podcast, and the person that was supposed to present couldn’t make it, so the emcee asked if there was anyone in the room that knew Canva, and Elikqitie chimed in from the back of the room: "I can show you some of my tips" - and before we knew it, she was upfront with her laptop projected on the screen, showing us all her tips and tricks, and well, it was just an example of what’s in her nature - helping others find ways to work around life’s challenges. 

So afterward, I went up to thank her and learn a little bit more about her podcast, and of course, The topic of the beach and beach travel came up - we discovered we had a lot of beach adventures in common - So, as many podcasters do - we decided to do a podcast guest swap! 

Today we talk about what the beaches are  like on the Pacific Coast, some of her best  - and worst travel adventures, and what it’s like to travel gluten-free - especially when you’ve been diagnosed with  celiac disease where even the slightest exposure to gluten can really make you sick- and that’s no fun  

And while you might not be “gluten-free” -  I think we can all relate to the idea that regardless of your limitations, it’s about freedom. It’s like Elikqitie says "You can still enjoy your life. You can still travel. Don’t let your autoimmune disease or any disability you have take away your freedom to enjoy life the way you want to. . .so go out there, learn what you have to do, and enjoy life!"

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