A  friend of mine from “up North” asked me what’s it like to be in a hurricane? That got me thinking about my past 22 years living in Florida. How many hurricanes had I been in? 

I grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The only “natural disasters” I ever experienced were blizzards - which were fairly common and not all that disastrous. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I had ever been in an actual natural disaster - a hurricane.

I had just moved to Orlando  when four hurricanes  rolled through Florida - one right after the other: 

Charlie, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne. 

Don’t you love how hurricanes have “everyday” names?

It makes sense to give hurricanes a name because it makes it really easy to talk about them later, like: “Remember when Andrew came one night and took our roof ?” Or, “Katrina - yeah - she was bad” 

And, like people, hurricanes have different personalities, are difficult to predict, and you never quite know what they’re going to do.

In this episode, I tell my story of two significant hurricanes in my life (so far): my first, Charley, and my last, Ian. 

The hurricanes were roaring, the beach was speaking, and I was listening!

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