Hey there my fabulous beach lovers!

What does a highly skilled Navy pilot do when her mission comes to a sudden dramatic end?

Well, as any pilot would do - she maps out a new flight plan, makes a few course corrections, and then, sets her sight on a NEW mission!

Today’s episode is the story of Kathryn Thomas, navy pilot, veteran trauma survivor, and founder of Yoga 4 Change.

When I first heard someone mention Yoga 4 Change, I thought, “I’m not really sure what it’s about but it sounds like a great topic for the podcast!”

And, like so many things that happen in my life, synchronicity lead me - 8 months later - to sitting across the kitchen table with Kathryn, listening to her tell her story and feeling like

She was telling MINE.

Yoga 4 Change, top winner of One Spark 2015 in the social good category, is a non-profit, creating meaningful change for veterans, incarcerated individuals, at-hope youth (at-HOPE - Love that!) and those recovering from substance use.

Its purpose-driven yoga program heals and empowers these under-served populations, creating healthier, safer communities. One class at a time.

Listen in as Kathryn describes what it was like navigating through the battlefield of trauma in order to clear the path for others to make a precision landing on their personal airfield of change.

For more information about Kathryn and Yoga 4 Change:

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One Spark:  www.onespark.com
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