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Today's episode zeroes in on the transformative power of intention setting. Find out how this straightforward practice can significantly boost your focus, clarity, and success. Just by starting your day with a clear intention, you have a 42% better chance of achieving your goals! 

I'll share insights on using intention to supercharge your productivity, make decisions that align with your goals, and maintain a sharp focus on your priorities. Plus, learn why a single, well-defined intention can be a game-changer in your entrepreneurial journey. Let's jump right into it!



  • 00:31: The crucial importance of setting your intention daily.
  • 01:12: Research from the Dominican University of California on intention and success.
  • 02:07: The benefits of clarity and focus from setting intentions.
  • 03:28: Taking deliberate actions to support long-term goals with daily intentions.
  • 04:36: Harvard Business Review study on intentions and achieving revenue targets.
  • 05:32: The practice of sharing your intentions with others for accountability.
  • 06:52: Encouraging listeners to set their intentions and create their success path.


Key Topics Discussed:

  • The power of daily intentions in achieving goals
  • Highlighting research findings that link intention setting with higher success rates
  • The importance of clear intentions to improve focus and productivity
  • How deliberate actions drive progress toward goals
  • The importance of accountability and simplicity in setting intentions


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