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‘’When you chase your passion - a passion will fuel your success.’’

In today’s Pocket Ninja episode of #TheProfessionalRuleBreaker podcast, we dive into the power of chasing big dreams. Have you ever been told to "go get a big dream and spend the rest of your life chasing it"? Well, that's exactly what we're talking about! Imagine waking up every day excited and passionate about what you do. Sounds amazing, right? I'll share practical steps to identify your passions, set clear goals, and take action. Plus, learn how to overcome fear and stay motivated. Are you ready to transform your life? Tune in, and let's chase those dreams together! 



  • 00:35: The power of chasing your big dream
  • 01:30: The pain of disengagement and the joy of passion
  • 02:40: Statistics on passion and success
  • 04:00: Finding and chasing your big dream
  • 04:35: Practical steps to pursue your passion
  • 06:35: Overcoming fear and staying motivated
  • 07:25: Visualizing success: the post-it note strategy


Key Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of chasing your big dream
  • How passion fuels success and productivity
  • Practical steps to identify and pursue your passions
  • Overcoming fear and staying persistent
  • Using visualization and reminders to achieve your goals

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