Yogi Aaron has turned traditional yoga on its head. Aaron introduces us to his unique method, Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), aiming to eliminate pain and enhance well-being through yoga. We'll explore his journey from experiencing personal pain to thinking outside the box and developing a yoga practice that empowers others to live pain-free.



  • 00:00 - Introduction to the episode and Yogi Aaron
  • 03:00 - Yogi Aaron's unorthodox out of the box perspective on stretching and flexibility
  • 08:00 - Discussion on how traditional stretching methods can exacerbate pain
  • 13:00 - Yogi Aaron's approach to yoga and its impact on pain relief
  • 15:00 - Exploration of Yogi Aaron's philosophy on faith and living a purposeful life
  • 21:00 - Discussing Yogi Aaron's mantra: "If you're going to be a mess, be a happy mess."
  • 22:00 - Recounting Aaron's transformative injury test in the Himalayas
  • 27:00 - Exploring the intertwined nature of physical well-being and spiritual faith
  • 33:00 - What sets Yogi Aaron apart as a true rule breaker in his field?


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Yogi Aaron's critical view of stretching and traditional yoga and how his approach aims to fix common misconceptions
  • An in-depth look at Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), its foundations, and its benefits for practitioners
  • Aaron's personal narrative of transformation from pain to freedom and how it fueled his passion for helping others
  • Insights into how yoga, when approached correctly, can be a powerful tool for living pain-free and achieving physical and mental harmony
  • The concept of faith in personal growth, how it has guided Aaron, and its importance in finding purpose and leading a fulfilling life

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