In this riveting episode, we invite you to an enlightening conversation with the incredible Vince Warnock, a pioneer in the world of entrepreneurship and the founder of ATG Publishing.

With his remarkable background as marketing and visibility coach, best-selling author, and the dynamic host of the beloved podcast, Chasing the Insights, Vince shares his insights and experiences in a way that will leave you inspired and empowered.


Inside this Episode:

1. Unmasking the Potential of Being a Published Author: Vince dives deep into the dual opportunities that surface when you become an author, especially if you're an entrepreneur or business owner. Grasp the profound impact that being a published author can have, and how it can skyrocket your personal brand.

2. Demystifying the Writing Process: Does the thought of writing a book feel intimidating? Vince is here to tell you that it need not be. He guides us through the process, sharing tips on how to overcome fears and take the first confident steps towards crafting your very own masterpiece.

3. Easy-Breezy Writing Techniques: Vince lays out his secrets to simplifying the book writing process. He discusses the three crucial principles - a powerful trifecta that can completely transform your writing journey.


Prepare to be enlightened and spurred into action by Vince's powerful insights. It can transform your world.


Be sure to join us for Part 2 next week.


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