Growing a business already sounds hard enough. But what if I tell you that growing your business while working less is possible? I had just the privilege to interview someone who is growing her 3 businesses while only working an average of 3 days a week.


Yes 3 days a week.....So, how did she do it? She used her knowledge in optimizing her schedule, processes, and management skills.


Join me in this thought-provoking episode as I chat with Denise Gosnell. She is a business strategist, lifestyle designer, lawyer, and entrepreneur. She is also the founder of The Vacation Effect, Inc., the go-to coaching & training company for busy entrepreneurs who are ready to claim the freedom that they deserve without sacrificing business growth.


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What’s in this episode:

 • How it is possible to grow your business while working less

 • What the "Someday MAYBE..." mentality can do for you

 • How can the forced hyper-efficiency mindset empower your entrepreneurship lifestyle


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