How well do you know your business? What does your potential client want or need from you? We all know how important it is to capture a potential client’s attention as soon as possible before they lose interest in your offer. It’s important to give them the value they need and allow them to have that quick win. These things draw them into your world right away. And all of that can be achieved if you have an interactive quiz that works. My next podcast guest, Kylie Lang, a quiz funnel strategist and a course creator, helps entrepreneurs grow their email lists and sell out multiple six-figure launches using the power of lead generation in a quiz funnel! The Queen of Quizzes Kylie Lang is sharing with us some insights about the following highlights in this episode: - Why should an entrepreneur start with a quiz - What you need to be crystal clear on when creating a quiz - How well do you know your business - The importance of giving value through the funnel Get your "Your Best Life Starts Today" blueprint here: Connect with Kathy The Professional Rule Breaker LinkedIn Instagram Ready to ignite and grow your sales? Visit  

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