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‘’Somebody who's been through the hard times and survived is going to have a better chance of surviving the next one.’’

Today, I’m excited to bring you an amazing episode with my longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur, Andy Tolbert. Andy’s been hustling since she was a kid, and now she’s a real estate pro and self-defense expert. In this episode, we discuss her journey, her lessons, and her latest goal of retiring herself and her husband through passive income. We also dive into some crazy real estate stories, like when she found a squatter in a property and her top tips for staying safe and aware in any situation. Get ready to be inspired and learn how Andy turned her experiences into success. Tune in, and let’s break some rules together! 



  • 00:40: Meet Andi Tolbert: entrepreneur and real estate investor
  • 02:00: Andi's journey from cinnamon toothpicks to real estate
  • 04:20: The importance of awareness and safety in real estate
  • 10:30: Self-defense strategies and staying safe
  • 17:35: Navigating the real estate market: challenges and strategies
  • 24:00: The value of patience in real estate
  • 25:30: The power of experience in business
  • 27:50: The importance of a support network
  • 28:10: Overcoming challenges with creative solutions
  • 37:35: The evolution of the side hustle
  • 39:35: Planning for the future with passive income


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Andy's journey from her first business venture as a child to becoming a successful real estate investor and self-defense expert
  • Crazy and insightful stories from Andy’s real estate experiences
  • Essential tips for staying safe and aware in various situations, especially for real estate professionals and frequent travelers
  • Andy’s strategies for building passive income through real estate to achieve financial independence and retire early
  • How Andy bounced back from the 2006 real estate market crash and reinvented herself, providing valuable lessons for all entrepreneurs



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