My guest today is Oneike Jackson, the beach manager at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in  Negril, Jamaica. I have to say, after editing this episode, I couldn’t stop smiling! His high-vibe Jamaican energy is just that palpable. 

Oneike is a great storyteller; however, he did not want to come on the podcast at first. He was shy, and he didn’t know what to say - but his partner Cathi, who has been on the podcast numerous times, said “Don’t worry, Paige is so easy to talk to - it will be fun!” And true enough, when I got him talking, the conversation was. . .  jammin’!

One of the things I admire so much about Oneike is that he's not afraid to admit that when trying something new that makes him nervous - his way is to acknowledge it and then  "do the 'ting.” 

Also, I will NOT close my eyes the next time I get on a water slide!  

He is very proud of his island home and eager to share its unique vibe with everyone who visits.  It makes me want to hop on a plane and head to Jamaica - right now. 

I have some exciting news! The Beach Speaks is now on YouTube! So, if you or anyone you know loves “the Tube” - check it out! 

 Even if you don’t listen, check out the episode cover photos! They're all mine - just a few drops in the ocean of 40 thousand images I’ve taken over the past few years. 

Until next time, stay high vibe and don’t be afraid to "do the 'ting!"

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