Hold on to your headphones, folks, because this episode is going to make you rethink the way you do business - and it's a total blast! 💥

We're joined by the one and only Megan Bentzen, CEO, founder of 'The Doctor of Fun', and the lively host of ABC's latest sensation 'Get In The Game Show'. She's here on a mission - a fun mission! Megan is all about injecting a healthy dose of fun into the work environment, transforming it into a place where people are not just productive, but also excited, motivated, and above all, happier! 😃🎈


What's on the Fun Agenda? 🎉

1️⃣ Fun 101: Business Edition – Uncover the transformative power of fun and what it can do to supercharge your business!

2️⃣ Dispelling the Tunnel Myth – 'The light at the end of the tunnel'? Pfft! Megan explains why we need to toss that phrase in the bin and replace it with something much better!

3️⃣ Funology Meets Neuroscience – Get ready for a mind-blowing discussion as we explore the fascinating intersection between the science of fun and our brain!

4️⃣ Game On for Growth! – Discover how the power of gamification can skyrocket your business growth! 🎮🚀


Want to learn more about Megan's fun-tastic approach? Be sure to connect with her at thedoctoroffun.mykajabi.com/link-in-bio


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