‘’What leveling up really means to me is being one step better or one percent better than the person the day before.’’  

Hey, Rule Breakers! I'm super thrilled to share today's episode with you. We're getting up close and personal with Scott L. Ferguson, a man who's turned the art of leveling up into a way of life. 

Scott isn't just any guest; he's a mental conditioning coach, a lifestyle optimization artist, and the energetic host of the Time to Shine Today Podcast. Scott's story isn't just inspiring; it's filled with laughter, authenticity, and some pretty amazing life hacks. From his approach to overcoming life's hurdles to the joy he finds in every day, Scott's energy is downright infectious. So, whether you're looking for a motivational boost, some heartfelt stories, or just a good laugh, this episode is your ticket. 



  • 00:00: Introduction to Scott L. Ferguson and his mantra of "leveling up"
  • 02:00: Scott's touching backstory and how it fuels his mission to ensure no one feels alone
  • 08:00: The significance of "leveling up" in life and Scott's approach to continuous improvement
  • 14:00: The power of not caring what others think and how it defines Scott as a rule-breaker
  • 18:00: Overcoming the feeling of being stuck by changing your state and embracing discomfort
  • 25:00: Quick-fire questions with Scott: revealing insights and personal anecdotes
  • 32:00: Scott's message about doing it scary and making an impact


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Scott's journey from adversity to empowerment and how it shapes his mission
  • The concept of "leveling up" in life and the importance of personal growth
  • Embracing vulnerability and the strength in not seeking others' approval
  • Strategies for overcoming stagnation and transforming your mental and physical state
  • The significance of surrounding yourself with a positive and uplifting tribe


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