This week, we dive deep into the intersection of health, wealth, and success with an inspirational guest who embodies the blend of all three. My guest, Julian Hayes II, is not just an author and a hybrid athlete, but he also runs the helm at Executive Health. His mission? Helping forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and executives retain their edge in a fast-paced world through highly personalized health and longevity strategies. Renowned for his engaging conversations at the 'Executive Health and Life' podcast and penning over 300 insightful articles in high-profile publications like Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, and beyond, Julian is indeed a force to reckon with in the realm of executive wellness. In this episode, you'll learn: 1. Matching your Physical Success to your Financial Success: Julian deep-dives into the connection between physical well-being and financial success. 2. The Link between Health and Entrepreneurship: We unravel why caring for your health isn't just good for you but also for your business. 3. The Importance of Setting Non-Negotiables: Julian discusses the power of setting non-negotiables in your life. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking for success without compromising on their health. Join us on this enlightening discussion with Julian Hayes II, and start cultivating a lifestyle that matches your entrepreneurial ambitions and supports your physical well-being! Connect with Julian Hayes II here: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: To ignite your sales, go to: Stay in touch with Kathy! LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: A big thank you for your continued support! 💕 Kathy Walterhouse.