When I started thinking seriously about moving from land-locked Orlando to the beach, the first three questions people would ask were, “What beach?” “Where will you live?” and “What will you do?” I would say, “I haven’t decided what beach yet, but I’m sure I’ll find one with a couple of palm trees where I can hang a hammock,  and, I don’t know, I’ll make jewelry out of sea shells, and sell it to the tourists. It was a silly answer, but in my mind, I was serious - if that were what I had to do to live at the beach - I would do it. 

Now, I live in a beach house (not a hammock), and instead of seashell jewelry, I’m making a beach podcast! I love hearing stories about how others have used their love for the beach to fuel their life’s passion - how they create that beach connection - that beach mindset - wherever they are. 

My guest today, Amanda Esposito, artist and creator of Northern Tides Studio, has a unique way of doing just that - taking her passion for the beach and the ocean to create jewelry that reminds you of how you feel at the beach and your connection to it - wherever you are. 

I have been following Amanda on Instagram, and when she posted about her latest creation, “Ocean Love,”  I had to get it! She mentioned that she was looking at places in Florida to sell her pieces, so we ended up on a Zoom call to talk about it, and as she started to tell me the story - I stopped her in mid-sentence and said, “Wait, I love this story - would you be willing to share iron on the podcast”? Of course, she said yes - sharing her love for the beach and what it means to her is what her art is all about.

This conversation means a lot to me. First, I met a new friend! Second, hearing Amanda’s story behind the making of her beautiful ocean love necklace makes me love mine even more! I initially bought it as a birthday present to myself. But when I think about it, it’s more than that - it’s a reminder of the days leading up to my birthday - beautiful beach love memories: the day I met my soulmate for the first time - on the beach, our beach wedding, and celebrating my birthday at the beach. 

I’m curious: what do you do to capture your special beach moments?
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